Million In Casino Debts

He Refuses To Pay His $ 30.6 Million In Casino Debts

But what can possibly be going on in the head of this VIP player who categorically refuses to pay his $ 30.6 million debts in an Australian casino ?! We invite you to find out by telling you this rather unusual story as we love them. especially on Roulette.be!

Wong Yew Choy the VIP

This story revolves around a Singaporean businessman who bears the name of Wong Yew Choy. The latter is in fact in full arm wrestling with the Star Gold Casino which is located near Brisbane in Australia. It must be said that this player contracted what can easily be described as colossal debt since it amounts to $ 30.6 million.

An opportunity to see that this is really a VIP client since in addition he contracted it in just one week, making sure to block his payment check. But it is not a question here of avarice or bad faith, knowing that the reason for this refusal lies in the fact that the croupiers would have made too many errors during its parts and that they would also have distorted the result of certain blows.

A debt of $ 30.6 million

The number is staggering and this debt of $ 30.6 million is certainly one of the largest ever contracted by this casino. A casino that has not hesitated for a minute, and we can easily understand it, to take legal action against its player to simply recover his money.

But is what is criticized at the gaming establishment really well founded? Only the future and the result of an investigation can define it for us. In the meantime, the whole world of gaming and the specialized press like ours must base its information on this subject on the words of this rich businessman for whom the errors supposedly made by the casino team seem nevertheless arrange it so well …

First and foremost, Wong Yew Choy is what we call a high-roller player. He was greeted as a head of state by the casino for almost a week and for the occasion received the treatment of king. He was therefore able to take full advantage of a private jet from Singapore to Brisbane and a hotel suite including all possible and imaginable services. Without forgetting the inevitable unlimited financial extension offered to this type of client who does not really have to worry about when he goes on a wander in this kind of establishment.

But the concern lies in the fact that this player mainly lost everything in a few days in baccarat. A loss then estimated at more than $ 30 million. Enough to provoke a hell of a cold sweat for those in charge of the casino …

Assumed errors or bad faith?

According to this client, his losses are not to be reimbursed. Indeed, it relies on a really serious accusatory defense; explaining that many errors were made during his games by the croupiers of Star Gold Casino… It is therefore quite naturally and without really a big surprise that Mr. Choy expressed the desire to leave the casino prematurely because of these errors some days after his arrival.

But where everything takes its importance in the case is that the casino itself has admitted the faults with which it is accused. The management will even offer him even more credits and will then send him a handwritten letter apologizing for the errors. A letter in which he is promised that this will not happen again. But, if the player has accepted the apology and continues to play, he will not let himself be defeated and will warn that he will not pay if the mistakes start again later …

You probably guessed it already: the errors continued in all likelihood and Mr Choy therefore returned to Singapore. Once there, he will warn his bank by ordering him not to honor the check he had just left at the casino; deeming according to him to be in perfect right not to pay his gambling debts, based on the agreement made during negotiations with the Star Gold Casino. For its part, the casino decided to file a complaint while Mr Choy’s lawyer declared that his client was ready to justify in court and the court his decision not to pay the debts.

A case which is therefore to be followed and to which we will certainly come back in a few weeks to give you the results. In any case, we know that he regularly receives VIP offers and packages from many other casinos around the world and that he remains to this day particularly confident in this affair that he thinks he has therefore already won. advanced

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